Industrial Insulation Wrapped Pipes

Industrial Insulation

Kratos Industries delivers quality industrial insulation solutions for business ranging from Natural gas plants to pharmaceutical facilities. Our experts are skilled at identifying and repairing deficiencies in existing insulation that can negatively affect safety and energy conservation.

Kratos Industries goal is to help new and existing facilities operate at maximum efficiency, preventing outages that come from defective or inadequate industrial insulation.

Industrial Pipe Jacket Insulation

Industrial Pipe & Equipment

Your business is a well tuned machine that depends on the safe and consistent performance of your equipment. Kratos Industries has the experience to ensure that your pipes are insulated correctly to maintain the proper temperature of anything flowing through them. Proper pipe insulation also minimizes the impact of the pipe’s temperature on its immediate surroundings.

Tank & Vessel Insulation

We provide industrial insulation solutions for storage terminals in a variety of temperatures and applications. Correct insulation of your tanks is key in both cost and efficiency. Kratos Industries develops unique solutions for each project, accounting for every detail.

Industrial Tank Insulation Above Ground Tank
Industrial Insulation Pipes Ceiling

Maximum Efficiency

Industrial insulation is one of the most important factors for improving building energy efficiency. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) often accounts for more than half the energy expense of a building. Kratos Industries professionals will apply insulation to improve the energy efficiency of heating and cooling for your facility.

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Kratos has you covered

Industrial insulation, when applied correctly, improves efficiency, operating cost, and energy conservation. We’ll use every tool at our disposal to ensure that your equipment performs its best.