Commercial Insulation Office Building Exterior

Commercial Insulation

Office buildings, schools, hospitals, warehousing, data centers, and more. Proper insulation plays a key role in keeping energy costs down and condensation under control.

Commercial Insulation New Construction Interior

Commercial insulation from the ground up

Kratos Industries provides a full array of commercial insulation products and services – starting with the foundation, through the walls, all the way to the rooftop. Our commercial insulation experts will handle every aspect of your facility, making sure the right product is chosen for each task.

New construction insulation

The largest contractors in Kansas use Kratos for new construction insulation. We carefully choose  each insulation material for its ability to do the right job. Fiberglass, XPS, mineral wool and spray foam are just a few of the insulation products we use.

Commercial Insulation New Construction Exterior
Commercial Mineral Wool Insulation Maintenance Repair

Insulation maintenance and repair

Over time, insulation materials break down causing problems that can become costly and hazardous to your employees. Our team will identify and fix insulation problems before they become high risk. Contact us now to find out how we can help keep your facility at its best.

Mechanical Insulation

Kratos Industries is the leading provider of mechanical insulation solutions. From pipe and equipment, to air distribution, storage tanks and direct-buried applications, our highly trained team can handle any commercial mechanical insulation project.

Commercial Mechanical Insulation
Kratos K 3D

Kratos has you covered

Commercial insulation, when installed correctly, improves efficiency, operating cost, and energy conservation. We’ll use every tool at our disposal to ensure that your facility performs its best.